human resources

Performance Evaluation and Career Management

We, as Liv Hospital, evaluate the work results of our employees in the scope of "Target and Competency-Based Performance Management System".

This system aims the employees to progress in positions where they can succeed by taking the their interests and tendencies into account, and evaluating their potential and competence.

Competences and objectives grouped under three headings, as basic, managerial and professional, are defined based on positions in "Target and Competency-Based Performance Management System", which is performed once a year. Performance evaluation process is composed of personal evaluation of the employee, evaluation by the department manager and making face-to-face interview processes. The obtained results are considered as data in the implementation of salary management, career management and learning management systems.

Our goal in career management is to provide for the employees to make progress in positions where they can succeed by evaluating their interests and competencies. Promotion in Liv Hospital is directly proportional with success. Promotion may be horizontal or vertical. Authorization brings responsibility and salary increase. To move up to a higher position, it is necessary to have features such as knowledge and experience required by that job definition. Still, the most important criterion is the level of performance.

Opening positions are primarily announced within the company with an internal ad, and our colleagues who wish can apply to these announcements. Career and promotions moves are made according to the evaluation results.