human resources

Selection and Placement

As Liv Hospital family, we adopt as a basic principle to treat all candidates equally without discrimination in the selection and placement process, and to search "the right person the right to job" as a single measure in this process.

We think that people, who believe in the importance of the recruitment strategy in the success of the companies, are happy to be a part of our group, are with high desire for success, are sensitive against the environment and society, will improve organizations. We believe that an organization of individuals, who are efficient, quality work based, inclined to teamwork, closely following the developments in Turkey and in the world, with high performance, will be accompanied by success.

The basic principle of our selection and placement system is to employ trained and professional human resources that can be able to adopt and implement the philosophy, vision, mission and principles of our group, to develop the team and the company, are open to learning and innovation, are successful in human relations and with initiative.

The methods we use in the selection and placement process vary depending on the candidate profile. Various tests and inventories together with competency-based interviewing techniques are used in the process.

In order to join Liv Hospital the family; you can make an application to our open ads at and portals, or send your CV to address.