human resources

Training and Development

Everyone who joined to our family, as Liv Hospital, starts to benefit from the learning and development opportunities from the first day. All of our employees are supported by systems that can ensure their high performance to be continuous and hold their competencies current as a member of a large family.

Annual training and development activities are created as a result of work done by considering competence, accreditation standards and professional requirements as well as the performance system.

Training and development activities in-house, are implemented as external training and orientation.

An environment, where the most appropriate method to your learning style, is waiting for you in our group. Our methods include applications such as classroom training, on-the-job training, Liv Academy, e-learning, coaching and field visits.

All employees newcomer aboard are first given institutional orientation training by Human Resources. It is aimed with this training for the employee to recognize the institution closely, to have information on institutional policies and common practices and some basic training facilitating the adaptation process to the institution.

After the institutional orientation, training program is being implemented by the department to be worked. While It is aimed here to provide the employee to learn processes and applications specific to the department and task accompanied by a guide.

Furthermore, all of our employees are constantly keeping their information fresh and being aware of new developments with the e-learning training assignments.

Our group increases information sharing and allows the development of our managers as well as contributes our employees with the Liv Academy project.