human resources

Working Conditions and Social Rights

Fringe benefits package, which can vary according to sector dynamics, is implemented in our group.

Lunch and shuttle service are provided; gift packages are offered periodically to all employees. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack opportunity is offered depending on working hours.

Free lodging in the same district with our hospital is available for our nurses and our health officers, who do not have the ability to reside in the city.

Private health insurance is implemented for our employees, including spouses and children. In addition, our staff and first-degree relatives have the opportunity to take advantage of the services offered by our institution with a discount.

Our occupational physician and nurse, who are intervening in case of the discomfort of our employees and responsible for the treatment of their diseases, are giving service.

We recognize the importance of social organizations on how to increase motivation when working, to reduce job stress, to improve communication and create a sense of belonging. Therefore, there is "Liv Activity Club (LIVAK)" which is organizing social events to increase our employees’ motivation by bringing them together and consisting of our volunteer employees.