In Liv Hospital Cardiology Clinic, the latest technological and modern treatment methods are applied by experienced and experienced physicians. Heart and vascular diseases experienced in the heart team, team spirit with the patient can be applied to the most appropriate treatment is decided.

Vital cardiac anomalies, rhythm disorders in all ages are provided by modern treatment methods. In patients with pacemaker implantation, complications such as postoperative angioplasty and bleeding are 0% in the first 1 year.

Your Heart is Safe with Heart Team!

Persons with a heart-related health problem are referred to a cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon. But this period ends; Because your heart is even in safe hands! You will no longer be controlled by just a cardiologist or a heart surgeon. New trend, having a heart team!

In developed countries, "Heart Team" concept is now being implemented in Turkey. Liv Hospital Heart Team is a team composed of important academicians in the field of cardiology and cardiac surgery

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