Cardiovascular Surgery

Liv Hospital Center received excellence certificate in cardiovascular field using robotic surgery.

Liv Hospital has passed the rigorous inspection by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC), an international neutral commission, and has been co-authorized by completing the Center of Excellence in the field of robotic surgery. Center of Excellence Accreditation, which can be taken by a few institutions in the world, was given to an institution by the related institution for the first time outside the USA.


Why the Center of Excellence?

First of all, it should be proved by the supervisory board that the physician in the relevant fields is competent, specific studies, treatment of the same number and number of patients as the world criteria, complication, re-hospitalization, analysis of clinical data and functional results are equivalent to accredited institutions. In addition, it is necessary to prove that the patient treatment protocols are determined by joint meetings held with other disciplines, the care services and the results are in a whole, planned by planning from the past to the future. Institutionalization and treatment outputs to be above a certain quality is also one of the basic application criteria.

Liv Hospital Department of Cardiovascular Surgery; It offers the most successful solutions to the patients who applied with expert staff consisting of academicians in cardiovascular diseases requiring surgical treatment, using the leading technological opportunities not only of the country but also the world.

In our Cardiovascular Surgery Department, patients aged 0-8 years and older can be operated successfully. Specialized staff, especially in Adult Cardiac Surgery, offers the highest level of bypass surgery, heart valve surgery and aortic surgery. The intensive care unit, equipped with an experienced cardiac anesthesia team and all types of advanced life support devices, is a major contributor to the success rate of surgery. The comfort of the patient rooms after the surgery allows the patient to spend this process in the most comfortable way.

A multidisciplinary approach is provided to patients with Cardiology, Chest Diseases, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Radiology, Neurology, Physical Therapy and Infectious Diseases. Thus, the pre- and post-operative process is carried out successfully. In our department; The most current scientific approaches are taken into consideration and each patient is evaluated individually and the most appropriate treatment method for each person is decided together.

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