General Intensive Care

Intensive Care Units are centers where critical patients requiring close treatment and care are monitored. Liv Hospital General Intensive Care Unit; With its expert physician staff and experts from other branches, it provides multidisciplinary, patient-oriented, quality and reliable health care.


Successful Staff and Advanced Equipment Success

The Liv Hospital Intensive Care Unit has modern monitors and monitoring facilities using advanced medical technologies. Within the structure of modern medical equipment; 8 special intensive care beds, ventilator, monitor, infusion pump, feeding pump, portable ventilator, portable X-ray, echocardiography and ultrasonography devices, blood gas device and central oxygen system.

Our unit; It can provide service to the patients with cardiovascular disease and post-operative risk, and can provide support treatment and maintenance care.


Quality and Reliable Patient Care

The Liv Hospital General Intensive Care Unit has a well-equipped, single-bed, isolated room. In our unit, during the day, a permanent faculty member and an intensive care specialist, and at night, the specialist team of patients with a seizure team ensures the continuity of the follow-up and treatment of patients.

In the Intensive Care Unit, a nursing service for up to 2 patients increases the quality and safety of patient care. Our goal is to achieve good clinical outcomes in our patients using current intensive care approaches and all available organ support systems. For this purpose, hemodiafiltration, hemodialysis, plasmapheresis, liver support systems, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and similar organ support systems are applied successfully in our intensive care unit and positive results are obtained.

In Liv Hospital General Intensive Care Unit, clinical activities are evaluated on a monthly basis and the data obtained are compared with the results in the literature of the world and our country. The results of these evaluations show that we can reach our goals every month..

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