General Surgery

Liv Hospital General Surgery Clinic combines specialists from Endocrine Surgery, Breast Surgery, Liver and Biliary Tract Surgery, Peripheral Vascular Surgery and Varicose Diseases, Obesity Surgery. These disciplines offer a multi-disciplinary approach to their patients, along with Oncology, Radiology, Plastic Surgery and Psychiatry departments.

A new direction for life

Liv Hospital General Surgery Clinic not only treats its patients, but also educates them to provide a new direction for their lives.


Our physician staff at the General Surgery Clinic consists of faculty members providing services in the;

  • Colorectal Surgery Center
  • Hernia Surgery Center
  • Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery Center
  • Breast Diseases Center

Robotic surgery is used.
While developing technology facilitates every aspect of life, it also provides solutions for diseases that seemed impossible to treat. Liv Hospital General Surgery Clinic aims at achieving the best results and highest patient comfort with advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. Robotic surgery, which is considered as the cutting-edge of surgical technology, is successfully used in many operations. Liv Hospital, which is rapidly advancing towards becoming a robotic surgical training center with its wide-ranging experience, maintains patient health as well as patient comfort with the supportive postoperative intensive care it provides and its competent medical staff from different disciplines. While the surgeon has to make an incision traversing the abdomen in order to reach into the abdomen in open surgery, in laparoscopic-robotic (closed) surgery, operations can be performed with a few incisions of 0.5-1 centimeters. Thanks to features such as 3-D imaging, even complex interventions can be performed with closed surgery.

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