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Hair Transplantation

It is a surgical procedure which solves the problem of 85% of patients who have been suffering from hair loss by using a method called FUE. It is performed under local anesthesia. It is the most reliable anesthesia method in hair transplantation where the patient is awake but does not feel pain.

How is hair transplantation done?

First, a maximum number of grafts are taken from the donor site. The roots are then put in a special PRP solution and the channels in which the roots are planted are opened. As a last process, the roots are transferred into the channels and the process is finished.

Hair transplantation at LIV Hospital is done according to HR SYSTEMS Criteria. These criteria are the sum of all conditions that must be followed for ideal hair transplantation. Based on the HR SYSTEMS Criteria, the maximum number of grafts, doctors and hair transplantation specialist health personnel is transported within 4-5 hours.

The fact that hair looks natural after the operation is especially important for patients. This is largely due to the fact that the front hairline, planning and grooving are done by the doctor. Other services must also be carried out by specialist health care personnel and under strict supervision of the physician. LIV Hospital offers a qualified service in hair transplantation with experienced doctors and hair transplantation assistants.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is increasing with the increasing intensity of medical problems waiting to be strengthened. At LIV Hospital, medical treatment of hair loss with both home care treatments and clinical applications; we also produce professional solutions to this problem with hair transplantation.
Hair loss is a problem that started to be seen at an earlier age than before. The patient can be treated with benefits such as reducing the severity of hair loss, preventing spills and improving the quality of the hair when treated at an early age. In later stages of the spill, such benefits are replaced by more radical procedures such as hair transplantation.

Home Care Cures

Hair loss that starts at an early age can usually be controlled by a suitable medical shampoo, with special care treatments at home. Firstly, an examination by our physician and some tests and procedures are needed. If there is no seasonal spillage of spillage, the doctor can prescribe his own treatment with his own prescription, special blends and cures to be prescribed by our doctor. Such treatments are ideal for patients who experience burning hair after a hairdresser's work, after dieting programs, or for people who have intense hair loss due to using the wrong product and who think that their hair is dimmed, neglected and lifeless.

Hair Mesotherapy

Patients who have more serious hair loss problems can not get enough results with the treatment cures they will apply at home. In this case, the hair containing the components of the structure must contain drugs directly to the hair, the root of the hair should be injected. The process is called hair mesotherapy. The patient does not feel any pain because of local anesthesia before hair mesotherapy. As with all needle applications, hair mesotherapy is done by doctors. This process, which is usually done with the help of a special device, can control the hair loss for a certain period of time. In a standard hair mesotherapy, the effect duration is 1 week and the protection period is 1 month.


The patient's own blood is subjected to special procedures and then mixed with the DNA activator and injected into the scalp by special devices. Provides longer-lasting protection. In recent years, hair mesotherapy and hair PRP have started to be called together. Since the application material is prepared from the patient's own blood, there is no risk of side effects. Again, it is painless like other procedures by local anesthesia. With the hair PRP, the patient will see the result of the application in the next session (about 1 week later). This effect continues for 3 months. After 3 months, the procedure for protection must be repeated.

CT Therapy

It is a special hair mesotherapy method which helps to control the hair loss by an average of 6-8 months with a single session. The effect can continue for up to one year. Mesotherapy is an ideal method for patients who cannot come to the doctor frequently or who live abroad. The procedure is the same as the Hair PRP, but the number of needles and the amount of drug used is much higher. After the procedure, a special drug is applied to prolong the duration of the activity. In this way, the patient will have at least 6 months to come to the next session. It is a painless procedure because it is done after local anesthesia.

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