Obesity Surgery

Why Liv Hospital Obesity Surgery?

In obesity surgery, qualification of the relevant physicians should be documented and the number of surgeries performed, complication rates, survival and infection rates should be at or better than the international standards.
Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat tissue in the body and is one of the most important diseases of our age. Obesity is an important public health problem that causes both chronic diseases and loss of life comfort. Obesity surgery is an important option for people who have tried all methods but failed to lose weight. Obesity surgery is currently the most effective method in the treatment of obesity and its results are very successful in the long term. The results of obesity surgery performed at Liv Hospital are extremely satisfactory in terms of patient comfort and complications. 

Who can have obesity surgery?

People between 18-65 years of age
People with a body mass index over 40
People with a body mass index in the range of 35-40 who also have diseases associated diseases (hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, heart failure etc.)
People who have tried other methods of weight loss and failed
Those who can tolerate surgery and anesthesia

Who cannot have obesity surgery?

People with psychiatric problems who do not receive actual treatment for such problems
People with substance or alcohol addiction
Patients who cannot make necessary life style change after the surgery
People with diseases that will prevent receiving anesthesia 

Body Mass Index Categories:

25-30......... Overweight
30-35......... Obese (class 1)
35-40......... Obese (class 2)
40-50......... Morbid obese
>50............ Super obese

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