Pediatric Oncology

Drawing attention to the importance of multidisciplinary approach in pediatric cancers, Liv Hospital Pediatric Oncology Clinic adopts a 360-degree approach and team work in treatment. Liv Hospital has a Pediatric Oncology Council established exclusively for pediatric cancers. The decisions taken in the Council are put into practice immediately without wasting time and treatment protocols are determined.


The Goal is Maximum Compliance in Treatment

The Pediatric Oncology Council seeks to ensure that chemotherapy, surgery, or radiotherapy are performed at the right time and with the proper algorithm, and that the patient's compliance with the treatment is maximized with the family and the child as part of the modern treatment. Pediatric oncology is a team work that also involves the family. The pediatric oncologist plans, organizes and implements the medication part of the treatment. Once the disease is cured, the oncologist makes the necessary arrangements to prevent recurrence.

Implementing the Latest Treatment Protocols

At Liv Hospital Pediatric Oncology Clinic, all solid tumors and childhood and adolescence cancers are treated with the latest treatment protocols and technology. At the same time, a "second opinion" helps patients in difficult cases.

Precision Treatment Planning is Required

Since the bone cartilage in children who undergo radiotherapy for childhood tumors is still under development, a very sensitive treatment should be planned. Accurate targeting of the tumor site and dose adjustment is an important part of the treatment as well as the protection of the surrounding tissue.

Decisions are Taken by the Pediatric Oncology Council

Pediatric surgery, pediatric brain surgery, thoracic surgery, otorhinolaryngology plays a key role in this council for surgical extraction, biopsy and catheter placement operations. The approach for the mass and the decision for surgical extraction is discussed in consideration of the interaction of the tumor mass with surrounding organs, and the surgical treatment is planned for before or after chemo/radiotherapy.

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