Assoc. Prof. MD.

Tuna Pehlivanoğlu

Orthopedics and Traumatology


  • Spine Surgery
                 -Pediatric Spine Deformities
                 -Scoliosis (side bending of the spine)
                 -Kyphosis (Humpback)
                 -Fusion Surgery
                 -Vertebral body stretching (String scoliosis) surgery
                 -Spinal stenosis (Spinal canal stenosis)
                 -Herniated disc (Lumbar disc herniation)
                 -Microscopic discectomy
                 -Low back slip (Spondylolisthesis)
                 -Microscopic discectomy
                 -Low back slip (Spondylolisthesis)
                 -Adult Spine Deformities
                 -Neck hernia (Cervical disc herniation)
                 -cervical disc prosthesis
  • Trauma (Fracture-Dislocation) Surgery
  • Arthroplasty (Knee and Hip Joint Prosthetic Surgery, High Tibia Osteotomy, Non-Surgical Treatments, Stem Cell)
  • Sports Surgery (Arthroscopic (Closed) Surgery)

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