Asst. Prof. MD.

Beril Uğurnal



  • Quality management and Accreditation in Clinical Laboratories
  • Management of Clinical Laboratory
  • Training of technical personnel of Clinical Laboratory

  • Ph.D(ımmunology and antioxidant systems) at Biochemistry Department of Medical School of Istanbul University
  • Specialist training at Biochemistry Department of Medical School of Istanbul University
  • Medical Doctor degree at Medical School of Ege University
  • Bornova  Anadolu Lisesi-

  • Ulus LivHospital Clinical Laboratories Clinical Biochemistry
  • Hipokrat Clinical Laboratories Clinical Biochemistry
  • E-lab Clinical Laboratories Clinical Biochemistry
  • Glaxo Smith Kline Department Manager Medical Services And Clinical Research
  • Bilim Pharmaceuticals Projects Coordination Manager
  • Medical Department of Bristol Myers Squibb Research and Development Department Manager
  • Pharmaceutical Research Institute/Princeton-NJ Clinical laboratory management for early phase clinical trials
  • Biochemistry Department of Istanbul University Biochemistry Specialist
  • Biochemistry Deparment of Istanbul University,Research Assistant
  • Şişli Sağlık Ocağı,General Practioner,İstanbul
  • Ulukışla Sağlık Merkezi,General Practioner,Niğde
  • Ugurnal B, Uysal M, Toker G. Effect of benzene treatment on hepatic lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzyme activities in mice.Biochemical archives 1995; 11(3): 155-160.
  • Dogru-Abbasoglu S.; Ugurnal B.; Tamer-Toptani S.; Sukran Akdeniz; Aykac Toker G.; Kocak-Toker N.; Uysal M. Mitochondrial lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system in aged rats. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 27, Number 1, August 1998, pp. 35-40(6)
  • 3Effect of Cyclosporin A on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system activity in rat: International Congress on Free Radicals in Health and Disease, İstanbul, 1995
  • InTIME-II, a double-blind comparison of single-bolus lanoteplase vs accelerated alteplase for the treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction. European Heart Journal (2000) 21, 2005–2013
  • The effect of acute and chronic benzene administration on hepatic lipid peroxide level in mice: First Turkish Neuroscience Congress, İstanbul, 1993
  • Hepatic lipid peroxides in mice treated with benzene: 10th National Congress of Turkish Biochemical Society, İzmir, 1991
  • Effect of aging on hepatic mitochondrial lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system: XIII. National Pharmacology Congress, Antalya, 1996
  • Types of  errors and their effects in clinical Laboratories:KBUD preanalytic phase symposium,Abant,2016
  • Clinical Biochemistry Association
  • Turkish Medical Association
  • Platinum GSK award of managing Avandia Crisis,
  • Excellent BMS Report for the general conduct of clinical projects in Turkey,
  • Certificate of Achievement in the worldwide conduct of InTIME II project
  • Certificate of Successful Research at Istanbul University
  • First prize in International free radicals Congress Poster presentation     

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