Asst. Prof. MD.

İsmail Gönen

Pediatric Health and Diseases


•    Newborn and Newborn disease;Jaundice, daiper Dermatitis, İnfantile colics
•    Follow up the breast feeding infant,
•    İnfant Feeding,
•    Follow up of the Children Vaccination Program
•    Repeating İnfections; Flu, Pharengitis, Tonsillitis, Pneumonia, Croup, Otitis and Sinuisitis
•    İmmune Deficiency and Protect theese children
•    Children not fed; Growth and growth retardation, insufficiency in gaining,
•    Abdominal pains, Constipation, Diarrhea, Vomiting,
•    Allergic diseases; Chronic cough, Wheezing, Asthma, Hay fever,
•    Skin diseases; Atopic Skin, Hives
•    Heart murmurs in children, Chest pain, Palpitations
•    Urinary Tract Infections, Urinary Incontinence, Frequent Urination
•    Anemia, Bleeding and Coagulation disorder, Lymph node diseases
•    Childhood Oncological Diseases; Acute Leukemia and Lymphoma
•    Obesity, Short stature, Acne, Hair growth, Breast problems,

uluslararası makale
•    Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, M. D. (1995 -2001)
•    İIstanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Histology ve Embriology Department, PhD. (2002 -2004)
•    Marmara University, Medical Faculty, Department of Pediatrics, PhD.(2005-2010)

•    Liv Hospital Ulus, Pediatrician, 2013 - ∞
•    Istinye Univerisity Medical Faculty, department of Pediatrics. 2016 - ∞
•    Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Educatian and Research Hospital,Istanbul, Pediatrician, (2010-2012)
•    I was once a project executiver, once as project manager and once as a consultant at the project supported by Tubitak

•    He has 6 publications in journals in SCI and SCI Expanded.
•    There are 4 papers presented in international congresses and published in SCI and SCI expanded journals.
•    There are 11 papers published in national congresses and full text has been published
•    Istanbul Medical Chamber
•    Turkish Pediatric Institutions
•    National Pediatrics Association
•    European Paediatric Association (EPA-UNEPSA)
•     Certificate of Achievement of Istanbul Health Directorate, 2012.
•    Marmara University Faculty of Medicine  6. Research Presentation Award, 2010.

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