Nushaba Abdullayeva

Pediatric Health and Diseases


•    Childhood Diseases
•    Infectious Diseases
•    Respiratory System Diseases
•    Febrile Convulsion
•    Lymphoadenopathy
•    Growth and Development Tracking
•    Healthy Child Follow-up
•    Baby and Child Nutrition
•    Childhood Vaccinations
•    Jaundice of Neonates
•    Neonatal Sepsis
•    Neonatal Nutrition Problems

•    Azerbaijan Medical University

•    Ege University,Department of Pediatrics
•    Treatment and Long-Term Follow-up of Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Before the Age of Five (1st prize), 1st National Child and Adolescent Diabetes Symposium, Ankara, October 2019
•    Renal Evaluation of Patients Monitored with a Diagnosis of Cystinuria- E-Posters, 63.Türki National Pediatrics Congress, Istanbul, Turkey-November, 2019
•    Persistent wheezing along with apparent stridor caused by a rare anomaly: Double aortic arch –Case report , Tropical Doctor, TD-20-0124.R2 ,11-Aug-2020
•    A Rare Cause of Wheezing-Associated Stridor: Double Aortic Arch Anomalies-E-Poster, Turkish Pediatrics Institution 2020 Meeting-Update Meeting, virtual participation, Turkey-October, 2020

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