Merve Suma Berberoğlu



•    Panic attack
•    Depression
•    Eating Disorders 
•    Anxiety Disorders
•    Personality Disorders
•    Relationship Problems
•    Couple and Marriage problems
•    Dealing with Test Anxiety 
•    Behavioral Problems In  Puberty
•    Parent Consultancy 
•    Psychological Tests (Rorschach Test, Personality Tests Thematic Perception Test, Neuropsychological Tests, Intelligence Tests)
•    Obsessive and Compulsive Disorder 
•     Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
•    Psychooncology
•    Supporting Psychotherapy  
•    Burnout Syndrome
•    Support in Chronic Diseases
•    Psychological Support for Patient's Relative 

•    Bilkent University- Psychology, 2013
•    Üsküdar University - Clinical Psychology, 2016
•    Üsküdar University- Psychology (dissertation stage)
•    700 Hourly Family Couple Theraphy  Training Program-  European Family Therapy Association 2016-2021
•     Rorschach and Projective Test Course, 2018-2021
•     Turkish Psychologists Association,  Wechsler Intelligence Scale, 2014

•    Clinical Psychologist -Bezmialem Foundation University Hospital (2014-2021)
•    Intern Psychologist -Bezmialem Foundation University Hospital (2013-2014)
•    Attachment styles in adulterous, ,Childhood Traumas, Marital Satisfaction and Sexual Satisfaction: Descriptive Study 2017-2020
•    Evaluation of the Family Environment of Patients with Bipolar Affective Disorder in Remission and their Unaffected Siblings 2019-continues

•    Sahan E, Suma M, Yıldız -Parlakkaya FB. Attachment styles in  adulterous, ,Childhood Traumas, Marital Satisfaction and Sexual Satisfaction: Descriptive Study, 5th Psychiatry Summit & 12th Anxiety Congress, Online Congress, Istanbul, 28-31 October 2020
•    Suma M, Donmez A, Sargın AE. The Difference of Schema Activation Between Depression and Anxiety Disorder Patients. The 9th International Congress of Cognitive Psychotheraphy, Cluj, Napoca,29th June- 1st July2017
•     Turkish Psychologists Association  
•    Prof. Dr. Günsel Koptagel Ilal Award- " Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Psychiatric Syndrome " - 4.Psychiatry Summit & 11.Anxiety Congress

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