Selenay Yücel Keleş

Pediatric Psychology


  • Child and Adolescent Psychopathologies;
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Childhood Depression
  • School Problems
  • Exam Anxiety
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Special Learning Disability
  • Behavior and Adjustment Issues,
  • Pervasive Developmental Disorders
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Preschool Problems (breast weaning, toilet training, bed wetting, stool incontinence)
  • Psychological Assessment Tests
  • Experiential Play Therapy
  • Art Therapy for Children
  • Sand Play Therapy

  • Istanbul Kultur University- Psychology, 2018
  • Istanbul Kultur University- Preschool Education, 2019 (Double Major Program)
  • Biruni University- Family Counseling, 2019
  • Işık University Child and Adolescent Focused Clinical Psychology Master's Program, 2021

  • Minik Tohum Kindergarten, 2019-2021, Clinical Psychologist
  • Manisa Psychiatric Hospital- 2017, Trainee Psychologist
  • Justice Kindergarten Bakırköy Women's Closed Prison- 2016, Trainee Psychologist
  • Doğa College- 2016, Trainee Psychologist
  • Pink Tower Montessori Kindergarten- 2016, Trainee Psychologist
  • TİN Psychological and Counseling Center- 2015, Trainee Psychologist
  • Private Golden Steps Rehabilitation Center- 2015, Trainee Psychologist
  • Examining Drawings of Children with Traumatic Experiences, 2020

Social responsibility projects;
  • Between 06.01.2016-30.05.2016 translated from Unesco, "Intergenerational Communication Program (KAP)", which was held for the first time in Turkey - Galatasaray People's Dormitory Peace and Nursing Home.
  • The “There Are Children Inside” Project organized for children living with their mothers in Bakırköy Women's Closed Prison between 06.06.2016-01.07.2016. A story book called “Window” was written with the children.
  • Rainbow Project (September 2017): It is a project established by a Psychology student, which consists of different activities every week to support the children living with their mothers in Bakırköy Women's Closed Prison from a psychosocial point of view.
  • Hand in Hand We Are Happy Project (02.2018-06.06.2018): It is full of activities that will enable them to interact, socialize and communicate with a total of 14 children, 7 of whom are between 11 and 18 with autism and 7 of whom are gifted, once a week. is a project.
  • Turkish Psychological Association
  • Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer
  • Maya Foundation
  • Freedom for Children Again Foundation of Turkey,
  • Rorschach and CAT (cont'd)
  • Projective Evaluation of Children's Drawings
  • Theoretical Introduction to Projective Tests Training
  • Child Tests: Denver II, Ankara Developmental Screening Inventory (AGTE), Burdon, Benton, D2 Attention Tests, Gesell Developmental Figures Test, Special Learning Disability Test, GOBDÖ-TV-2, M-Chat, Frankfurther, Frostig Visual Development Figures Test, Metropolitan School Readiness Test, OKHT, Peabody, Good Enoug Test, Porteus Maze Test, LuisaDüss Psychoanalytic Story Test.
  • Experiential Play Therapy
  • Sand Play Therapy
  • Art Therapy with Children and Young People
  • Sign Language Education
  • Short-Term Solution-Oriented Counseling Training
  • Play Therapy Basic Skills Training
  • Society and Sexuality Education
  • Lacanian Psychoanalysis Education

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