Precautions to be Taken by Allergic Persons

Tips for Living with Allergies

•    No smoking in the home and in the environment
•    Under the sinks, around the shower and bath tub, window sills and all areas that may be damp should be searched and protected from moisture and mold. Dehumidifiers should be used in basements
•    Ventilated, washed curtains, sheets, bedspreads should be used, and every part of the room should be free from dust and allergens. 
•    Filtered vacuum cleaner should be used 
•    Dust filters of air conditioners should be changed before use. 
•    Pillowcases, sheets and duvet cover sets should be changed at least once a week, washed at high temperatures and stored in non-allergenic saddle bags.
•    Carpets should be removed, especially from bedrooms, and small sized carpets should be used in other rooms.
•    Cockroaches are factors that can cause allergies in indoor environments. In order to avoid these, the food crumbs spilled on the floor should be cleaned regularly, and the garbage should be thrown away frequently without keeping..
•    People allergic to polen should not ventilate their home early in the morning, when pollen is at its peak during the day. 
•    Since pollen can stick to the laundry, the laundry should not be dried outside at these times, and before going to bed, take a shower to get rid of the pollen sticking to the body.
•    Since pets that are part of the house cannot be avoided, they should at least be kept out of the bedroom and kitchen. 
•    Deodorants, scented candles, air fresheners and incense should be avoided.
•     Since genetically modified foods trigger allergic diseases, foods that are in season should be eaten, and early grown fruits and vegetables should be avoided.
•    Prepared and processed foods should be avoided as they contain additives.

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