Fight Against Cancer / Prevent Hair Loss

Special caps used in Liv Hospital provide the advantage of reducing hair loss due to chemotherapy.

These caps;

The cooling method causes the blood vessels in the scalp to shrink. This reduces the amount of medication reaching the hair follicles.
When the scalp temperature drops, hair cells absorb less of the drugs. This means that the drug concentration can be reduced.
Cooling the scalp can reduce the effectiveness of the drug and thus the interaction on its hair roots is also reduced.

These mechanisms reduce the effect of cytotoxic drugs on hair follicles and, consequently, hair loss.
Treatment using the DigniCap ™ system is performed when injecting drugs used to treat cancer. The temperature in the scalp is measured and the cooling is adjusted accordingly. The patient wears a silicone hood, chilled on the head. The coolant circulates through the silicon cap through the DigniCap ™ air conditioning unit system.

If Hair Loss Occurs

If excessive hair loss or hairless areas have occurred, continued scalp cooling treatment is useful to maintain growth during further chemotherapy cycles. Many patients who initially experience hair loss experience normal hair growth with scalp cooling treatment.

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