AOSpine Training Center

Liv Hospital Spine Surgery was selected to the first foreign fellow program of the Aospine Spine Surgery Center in many European countries such as France and Germany.

We went through a rigorous study

AOSpine Europe in Switzerland, which conducts studies on the advanced training of spine surgery and specialists in the world, makes studies for the training of spine surgeons in different countries. It selects some centers with competencies in spine surgery as spine surgery training centers. AOSpine, an association that is widely accepted and widespread around the world, makes its selection in a neutral and meticulous manner. In the selection of a center, the number of cases, case diversity, multidisciplinary approach possibilities and scientific publications of the center are taken into consideration.

How does the training process work?

Spine surgeons from different countries of the world refer their resumes to the AOSpine center. After the evaluation at the AOSpine center, their CVs arrive at the relevant center. If deemed appropriate, the surgeon comes for spine surgery training at the Liv Hospital Spine Surgery Clinic.

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