Hand, Hand Wrist, Elbow Disease

All kinds of injuries, diseases and problems related to skin, subcutaneous, muscle, tendon (nerve), nerve, vein, joint and bone in the region starting from the fingertips to the shoulders are the main subjects of hand surgery.

The treatment of some diseases and injuries of the small joints in the upper arm, such as the hand, wrist and elbow, and the articular operations by arthroscopic (closed) techniques is also included in the discipline of hand surgery.

Long operation times, microsurgical necessity, long learning curve, high number of emergency patients, the need for team work and the importance of rehabilitation are the main features of hand surgery.

At the Liv Hospital Hand, Wrist and Elbow Diseases Clinic, as well as urgent interventions that push the boundaries of microsurgery, such as fingertip replantations, nerve compressions, degenerative joint problems, and bone-ligament injuries that impair joint integrity can be successfully treated. Arthroscopic elbow and wrist applications can be performed in very limited centers.

Treatment Areas

  • Fractures and dislocations without open injury
  • Muscle and tendon ruptures
  • Skin incisions
  • Severe injury or rupture of the limb
  • Open injuries, deformities and burns
  • Any deficiencies, defects, adhesions in wrist and upper arm
  • Paralysis due to trauma, rheumatic diseases, infections, tumors
  • Sequences in the hand and wrist after the trauma
  • Impaired paralysis due to an injury due to an accident or loss of function due to circulatory failure
  • Correction of bad or incorrectly boiled fractures and dislocations
  • Deformities formed after burn after time
  • Various nail disorders other than infection

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