Knee Pain

Calcification and cartilage loss in knee joints causes pain in the front of the knee, especially when going up and down stairs. At Liv Hospital Pain Clinic, pulsed radiofrequency current can be applied between the knee joints and over the nerve that feeds the knee of the patients who are recommended knee prosthetic surgery but refuse it, or cannot be surgically operated due to their comorbidities. Patients may be free of pain for 6 months to 2 years after this application, and can perform their daily activities.

Radiofrequency for knee pain

Pains in the front of the knee constitute the majority of knee complaints. Overloading the kneecap also overloads the cartilage tissue and bone under the kneecap. If this process lasts for many years, the cartilage tissue of the knee begins to deteriorate. This is colloquially called 'calcification' and causes pain. Pain also restricts the movements of these patients and reduces their quality of life. Such pains in the front of the knee are experienced by many people from housewives to office workers. Patients have intense pain, especially when going up and down stairs, when crouching and getting up, and when sitting for a long time with their knees bent. Various injection treatments have been applied to the knee to reduce the pain in the front of the knee for many years. Cortizone, which is used in these injection treatments, may have side effects in the long term.

No tissue damage

The radiofrequency current applied to the knee joint space at Liv Hospital Pain Clinic is applied in pulsed mode, and reduces the pain in front of the knee. A special generator that produces radiofrequency current, and a special radiofrequency needl that transmits this current o the tissue are used to apply the current after entering the knee joint space under ultrasound imaging.  The application is made only once, and reduces knee pains for between six months and two years, allowing the patients to go up and down stairs painlessly. The pulsed radiofrequency curret heals the pain in the application area without damage to tissues, and can thus be applied repeatedly.

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