Lower Back Pain

Patients with waist and leg pain associated with lumbar hernia may not pass despite physical therapy. Radiofrequency current is applied at Liv Hospital Pain Clinic over nerves that feed the leg, which are affected by hernia and are considered the cause of the pain. Radiofrequency current modifies the operation of the nerves and eliminates the pain. The duration of effect of this treatment modality varies between 6 months and 2 years.

Eliminate the pain with radiofrequency current

Another cause of waist pain is the calcification of facet joints in the waist. The pain is felt more at the waist region. The pain especially begins when waking up in the morning, diminishes during the day, but increases after standing up for a long time. Pulsed radiofrequency current applied over the nerve that feeds facet joints eliminates the pain.

It has to be treated before becoming chronic

The pain is actually very important for the protection of the organism. It makes us avoid harmful moves and substances. However, if the pain is not treated, it may become the most important part of one's life, that may devastate the quality of life. Thus, the cause of the pain has to be investigated as soon as it begins, and treated before becoming chronic.

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