Treatment of Obesity in Children

If obesity has occurred, a multifaceted approach is needed to treat it. At Liv Hospital Pediatric Obesity Clinic, a specialist physician evaluates the child and examines whether there is a disease that causes obesity and the health problems caused by obesity. If a hormonal-metabolic problem is been identified, its treatment is a priority. In children with simple excessive weight, nutrition and lifestyle should be rearranged (balanced diet, regular sports and increased mobility in daily life).


The Nutrition Plan Should Be Suitable for the Age of the Child

Since children continue to grow in contrast with adults, adult dietary patterns or excessive calorie restriction are not suitable at childhood. Restriction of calorie intake impairs the child's growth. At Liv Hospital Pediatric Obesity Clinic, the nutrition plan is made under the supervision of a specialist physician in accordance with the child's age and gender, and the child's growth and development is regularly monitored

Activity should be increased

Another important aspect of treatment at Liv Hospital Pediatric Obesity Clinic is increasing the child's activity. In addition to the usual daily activities, obese children are recommended to have at least half an hour of moderate activity (with instruments or games), regular sports activities and walking on weekends.

Nutrition Plan Should be Reviewed

Third, it is important to change behavior patterns. The necessary psychological support is provided for the child to adapt to the nutrition plan, maintain a more active lifestyle and quit viewing food as a reward and objective.

Cooperation of the Whole Family is Very Important

The adoption and implementation of the change in lifestyle and nutrition by all family members increases the success of the child's weight loss. Cooperation of the whole family is very important. The aim of obesity treatment in children is not only to reduce weight over a period of time; stopping weight gain is sufficient in many children with mild, moderate weight. The main objective is to prevent the development of adult obesity by providing lifelong healthy eating and lifestyle changes.

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