Non-Blade Cataract Surgery with Laser Technology

What is cataract?

Cataract provides symptoms such as sensitivity to light, diminishing color and yellowing, impaired night vision, double vision, and the difficulty of reading. This situation affects the daily and social life of the person very seriously. In people with cataract problems, the image is distorted as if looking through a steamed glass or a tulle.


Is it advanced age disease?

Cataract is most commonly associated with age. But it can be seen at any age, not only in the advanced age.

Can a cataract occur in a small child?

Cataracts can occur at any age. Viral infections in the womb, some metabolic diseases can cause cataract in the newborn.

Why does it occur?

Metabolic diseases such as diabetes, long-term use of drugs with cortisone, sudden impulses and some congenital problems are some of the reasons.

What are the symptoms of cataract? about what do patients complain most?

According to the state of opacification of the lens providing vision, patients complain of distant or near vision impairment. As opacification increases, both distant and near vision decreases in a way that disturbs the patient's social life. Cataract provides symptoms such as sensitivity to light, diminishing color and yellowing, impaired night vision, double vision, and the difficulty of reading. This situation affects the daily and social life of the person very seriously.

How is cataract treated?

The disease cannot be treated with medication or use of glasses. The only treatment for a cataract is surgery. Nowadays, it is the most advanced method of applied femtoseconded cataract surgery. The patient underwent anesthesia under the aş Femto seconds laser assisted cataract surgery ağ method and after two-stage and painless surgery, he returned to his daily life in a short time. Femto seconds laser provides many safe and sensitive results due to the fact that many stages of the operation are performed by computer control. In this way, undesirable effects that may occur during surgery are minimized.

Femto seconds laser technology is treated with two-stage application of laser and ultrasonic waves in the most comfortable manner in terms of cataracts both physicians and patients. If desired, the distal and near intraocular lenses can be safely implanted in the toric intraocular lenses that correct the astigmatism, and can also be removed from the glasses. Cut-to-point cuts, a round cut in the anterior face of the lens, and the fragmentation of the lens are done with femto second laser and then cataract is cleaned in a shorter time and safely using the standard phaco system. Phaco menopausal cataract surgery with Femto laser reduces the complication rate compared to standard phaco operations. Femto seconds laser assisted cataract surgery is an important milestone in modern cataract surgery for safe, controlled, successful cataract surgery for both the patient and the surgeon.

What are the advantages of laser cataract surgery?

  • Recovery is shorter than other methods.
  • The risk of infection is low.
  • Good vision is obtained depending on the type of intraocular lens used after surgery.
  • Minimizes physician error.
  • It is safe and because it always does the same cut, the error factor is eliminated.
  • Because the front capsule of the lens is very well cut and completely rounded, the risk of intraocular lens shift is reduced.

What should be paid attention to after the surgery?

Cataract surgery is not an operation patient to stay overnight. The patient is discharged on the same day. After 24 hours, the eye bandage opens and returns to normal life within 48 hours. During this period, excessive pressure on the eye, should be avoided. After the operation, it is important that the doctor arranges the prescription according to the needs of glasses between 2-4 weeks. People who have cataract surgery should not interfere regularly with their eye examinations between 6-8 months.

How long does the surgery last?

In general, all stages of femto laser assisted cataract surgery are completed within half an hour.

Are there any prohibitions after the operation?

It is necessary to avoid the blows to the eye in the first days. Entering the sea and pool is not suitable for 15 days. It may be necessary to use sunglasses if light is needed in the first days.

Does the patient have to use the medication?

Yes. After the surgery, it is necessary to use the medicines which are arranged by the physician regularly.

How much does sight improve after surgery?

The vision is corrected from the first day after an uncomplicated surgery. Complete recovery is completed within a week.

Does patient need to use glasses?

According to the type of intraocular lens used, there may be a sight without glasses. Patients who use a standard intraocular lens should wear glasses for close readings when they cannot wear glasses.

Can cataract develop due to a blow in the eye?

Blunt impulses from the eye and the surrounding area can cause cataract in the long term. Fibers holding the lens after the blows can break and cause complications in cataract surgery.

Who can not undergo cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery can be performed for all people without general vital health problems

Is it possible for cataracts to re-occur?

No. Due to lens being cleaned during the surgery, cataract does not re-occur. It can only darken the posterior capsule of the lens after surgery and reduce vision like cataracts. Treatment is very short and easy. The YAG laser is switched on in five minutes and does not repeat once.

Does it trigger cataracts to stay in the sun too much?

Cortical type can trigger cataract and can be effective in advanced cataract.

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