Retinal Diseases

The retina is a light sensitive nerve layer of the eye. There are many important diseases in which the retina is affected. Some of the basic symptoms such as light flashes, diminished vision, loss of vision, fracture vision, large or small sight and objects such as fly flying indicate the presence of the problem in the retina.


Common Diseases in Retina

  • Retinal Detachment (Retinal Separation)
  • Bleeding, edema and detachment due to vascular diseases of the retina such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Macular Hole (Yellow Point Puncture)
  • Macular Wrinkle (Epiretinal Dice)
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration (Yellowhead Disease)
  • Retinal Injury Due to Eye Trauma

Retinal detachment

Tearing in the retina leads to a disease called retinal detachment. If detachment is not treated, permanent loss of vision occurs.

What are the symptoms?

  • 50 percent of patients notice light flashes. These flashes are described as flash fires or lightning flashes.
  • Flying spots in black red color are monitored.
  • The black curtain, which starts from the separated retinal zone, is increasingly occupying all the gaps, and when the center of the eye is held, the patient becomes unable to see anything.

Can it be prevented by early intervention?

At least 60 percent of patients develop sudden onset complaints such as light flash, fly or spider fly during retinal tear formation. When these complaints occur, it is necessary to have an ophthalmologic examination. Laser therapy during retinal tears may prevent the development of retinal detachment. However, some patients develop retinal detachment despite laser treatment.

Can it develop without any symptoms?

In 40% of the cases, it occurs with no symptoms but visual loss in the patient due to detachment.

How is the treatment of retinal detachment done?

The first goal of surgical treatment is to stop the fluid passing through the rupture by means of an occlusion. Pumping by the pigment epithelium allows the retina to settle. This can be done in many ways.

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