Adjuvant (Protective) Treatment

At Liv Hospital Oncology Clinic, adjuvant treatment, which is the main adjunct to the treatment of cancer, aims to reduce the possibility of cancer recurrence by considering the size, characteristics and spread of the tumor. Methods such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, smart drugs and radiotherapy treatments are used as adjuvant treatments.

It helps the primary treatment

Not every cancer recurs in the future. Hormonal therapies, chemotherapy and smart drugs in consideration of the tumor are added to the treatment of patients who are under risk of recurrence if they are hormone sensitive. In cancer types such as breast cancer, colon , lung and stomach cancers, adjuvant therapies (chemotherapy) are administered to patients with high probability of recurrence after surgery.


Precautions can be taken for side effects

Adjuvant chemotherapy, hormone therapy or smart drug therapy are systemic treatments that affect the whole body. Adjuvant radiotherapy reduces the likelihood of tumor recurrence at the site of localization.  Adjuvant treatment-related side effects do not develop differently from standard cancer treatments, and many can be prevented.

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