Digital System Assisted Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Treatment

Liv Hospital attaches great importance to the time, safety and professional follow-up of its patients. Therefore, it incorporates the highest technologies. With Artificial Intelligence applications, the efficiency and treatment success of chemotherapy in cancer treatment is increasing. Oncology artificial intelligence system has been implemented in Liv Hospital. Liv Hospital medical oncology specialists have followed up and implemented this treatment for their patients quickly and safely.

What is achieved with this system? 

The doctor can automatically establish the patient's chemotherapy or oncological treatments, such as other smart drug treatments, in a few clicks. Then, after being checked and approved, the patient's treatment is automatically calculated for all the days to come and presented to the doctor, nurse and the patient. Thus, patients and other health care workers gain tremendous speed.

The training information for the treatment is automatically prepared by the system. Thus, the patient can be more comfortable about the subjects he/she should know about.

The holistic structure of the system unites the doctor, nurse, secretary, robotic chemotherapy system and pharmacy around a single common circle. And patients are treated in the safe zone in the middle of all these structures.
The system automatically monitors the patient's changing attributes (weight, side effects, etc.) and offers instant dose calculations to the doctor. 

How is the system flow?

Doses are presented to the doctor with their side effects or variable information such as weight of the patient. The doctor confirms the appropriate dose to the patient through the system.

The nurse in charge of the chemotherapy unit sees the patient's dose on the screen via the system.

The dose and type of drug to be prepared is transmitted to the chemotherapy robot unit through the system.

When the prepared drug reaches the chemotherapy unit, the system tells the practitioner to check whether the drug belongs to this patient. The practitioner nurse cannot administer the medication without performing this check. Therefore, security is maximized with this system.

The side effects or level of side effects that develop during or after treatment is easily recorded in the system. Thus, the doctor decides what to do in the next treatment (stopping the drug, reducing the dose, etc.) with the support of the system.

As a result, this system, which improves the working conditions of all health personnel, is in actual service in Liv Hospital with a patient-centered approach to improve the patient's condition.

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