The loss of teeth and surrounding tissues causes aesthetic, functional, phonetic and psychological losses. Prosthetic dental treatment is a branch of dentistry that aims to regain the lost teeth and oral tissues. Dental prostheses are used to recover these losses.

What are the problems prosthetic tooth treatment deals with?

  • Crown / bridge applications (tooth coverings)
  • Zirconia and full porcelain crowns
  • Lamina applications (leaf porcelain)
  • Smile design
  • Teeth whitening
  • Inlay / Onley applications (porcelain fillings)
  • Movable prostheses
  • Total prostheses
  • Jaw joint disorders and treatments
  • Implant top crown / bridge applications
  • Implant-mounted removable dentures (snap fastenings)
  • CAD / CAM crown / bridge applications (computer aided design and production)

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