Sexual Life and Childbirth After Kidney Transplantation

After kidney transplantation, the patient can return to sexual life after three months. It is recommended to pay attention to personal hygiene and use condoms to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the problems experienced during this period are psychological. During this period, it is important for the patient to be supported by his loved ones. Female patients start to have regular menstruation within a few months after transplantation and unlike many dialysis patients, they can have children. For this reason, if their physician has not given permission yet or if they do not want to have children, they must be protected with a birth control method. Although there is no problem with the use of condoms, if the use of birth control pills is considered, a doctor should be consulted.

Expectant mothers who want to have children should go through gynecological evaluations and make some medication adjustments and hospital controls. Expectant mothers whose kidneys are working normally can become pregnant at least one year after the transplant. Some transplant medications must be changed six weeks before becoming pregnant. There is no restriction for male patients to be fathers.

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