Reconstructive Surgery

Liv Hospital Ulus Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic combines advanced technologies and advances in aesthetic surgery to ensure a flawless appearance.


Services Offered at the Reconstructive Surgery Clinic

  • Acute Burn and Post-Burn Deformations 
  • Dermal and Subcutaneous Wounds
  • Chronic Wounds 
  • Replantation of severed organs
  • Correction of Prominent Ear and other Aesthetic Ear Lobe Problems
  • Reconstruction
  • Posttraumatic regeneration

Regions with dissatisfying appearances or deformations that occur after any trauma in your body are regenerated through surgical interventions that parallel the latest innovations in the world. 

Meets different needs

Liv Hospital Ulus Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic repairs defects that occur after a long treatment period and treats congenital anomalies, responding to many different needs. Losses in bone and cartilage structures, deformities and pathological cases such as tumors and cysts are evaluated in this department with a plastic and reconstructive approach. Liv Hospital Ulus offers a wide range of services needed in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery .

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