Computerized Tomography (256 slice)

Computerized Tomography provides a cross-sectional view of the area examined using X-ray. It is used for evaluation of internal organs, soft tissues and bones. The GE Discovery CT750 HD (Spectral Imaging) tomography device of Liv Hospital is a system that can use the dual energy technique with HD detector and single tube in addition to the features found in all tomography systems.


Advanced Examination in Disease Diagnosis

It is among the first examinations required to evaluate many sections such as brain, which cannot be demonstrated on direct radiographs. It is one of the advanced tests required to diagnose diseases when a problem is encountered in direct X-rays or in the presence of findings that do not explain the clinical status of the patient.

Much Lower Radiation

Since MRI and ultrasound examinations are radiation-free, the patient is not exposed to radiation. In X-ray imaging, such as direct X-ray, CT and angiography, the patient is exposed to some amount of radiation. Liv Hospital Radiology Department reduces the radiation dose by 80% with the technologies it uses.

Children Shooting

Thanks to the special pediatric parameters in the system, the patients who come to Liv Hospital can be given tomographic imaging with minimum radiation dose close to the x-ray doses according to their height and weight ratio.

Advanced Imaging

Characterization of lesion with Spectral Imaging imaging technique, types of kidney stones, detection of hypoperfusion areas in pulmonary embolism examination, characterization of metastasis, gut-pseudo-gout differentiation, reduction of artifacts of metal implants in the field of attraction, plaque characterization of whole body and cardiac vessels.

With the help of HD algorithms, cardiac lumen and stent evaluation can be performed easily and safely. These algorithms provide very high diagnostic quality in all joints and areas requiring high resolution.


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