MRI Has Never Been More Comfortable

Turn on a relaxing music for yourself, watch the fish floating in the ocean in the giant aquarium. And just like that, your MRI is over in minutes. With its innovative design, the Philips MRI In-bore is designed to give you a whole new MR experience. Your MRI is now performed in a very short time and with a very comfortable technology, eliminating the MRI stress.


Technology Beat Claustrophobia

Philips Ingenia, which eliminates all the stress and tension experienced by MRI patients and offers a peaceful and comfortable MRI experience is now at Liv Hospital Ulus!

Quiet Mode

All warning and device sounds that would disturb you during MRI are replaced by a peaceful and confident silence.

Large Volume

The large internal structure offers you a comfortable space, regardless of your height and weight.


The device includes a cartoon display mode that will make them forget that they are in a hospital during MRI.

Video Options on the Custom Screen

For adults, options such as views of nature and sea, relaxing videos and visuals can be viewed accompanied by the music you choose on a specially projected screen. Nobody understands how time passes while they undergo MRI.

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