At Liv Hospital Urooncology Clinic, robotic and laparoscopic minimally invasive surgical methods are used to treat prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer in men. The treatment of all kinds of urological cancers such as kidney, bladder and testis cancers are also made using minimally invasive robotic surgery at the clinic.

At our clinic, Multiparametric Portal MR, which is the latest imaging method, is used to diagnose prostate cancer at an earlier stage, and to ensure that biopsy and treatment are carried out using the most appropriate method. 

Advantages of Robotic Surgery in Urooncology

  • Less Blood Loss: In robotic radical prostatectomy, the abdomen is inflated with gas. The pressure of the gas significantly reduces bleeding. At the end of the operation, the gas is discharged from the abdomen. Furthermore, bleeding is more clearly identified and stopped earlier thanks to high-resolution 3D cameras that magnify the operating site. Blood transfusion is usually not necessary.
  • Shorter Hospital Stay Period: Since robotic surgery incisions are smaller and cause less blood loss, patients can be discharged much earlier than in open surgery.
  • Shorter Catheter Period: As robotic prostatectomy operations allow water-resistant sutures (anastomosis) in the bladder and urinary tract, the catheter can be removed within 6-7 days.
  • Less Pain: Smaller incisions cause less pain and discomfort to patients compared to open surgeries.
  • Better Cancer Control: Aided by high resolution 3D images and devices that can move 540-degrees, the prostate tissue can be more clearly viewed during prostatectomy. Robotic surgery allows a much clearer view of the apical region of the prostate, and a much more precise intervention. As a result, surgical margin positivity decreases significantly.
  • Better Bladder Control: Robotic prostatectomy patients gain bladder control earlier than traditional surgery patients. Factors that help achieve bladder control earlier are better imaging, less bleeding, and longer urinary tract involvement.
  • Earlier Return to Normal Sexual Life: Robotic prostatectomy helps preserve the neurovascular bundle around the prostate and allows patients to return to their normal sex life earlier than conventional surgeries.

Current Treatment Methods with Holistic Approach

Liv Hospital Urooncology Clinic offers the most current treatment and care alternatives in a multi-disciplinary approach from diagnosis to advanced treatment, to rehabilitation and post-treatment follow-up, thanks to doctor from different departments such as urology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, radiology, pain and psychiatry.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services with Cutting-Edge Devices

Cancer patients who were diagnosed early at the Liv Urooncology Clinic can be treated by robotic or direct laparoscopic methods, removing only the diseased tissue. Following operation by experienced urologists, many early stage testis cancers can be cured, and high-technology Tru-beam devices can be used for radiation therapy and modern chemotherapy as necessary.  In the treatment of urologic cancers, cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment devices such as DaVinci® Robotic Surgery, TrueBeam® IG-IMRT radiotherapy, 3 Tesla Multiparametric Prostate MRI and HIFU ablation therapy are successfully used by expert and experienced teams.

Liv Hospital Urooncology Department offers the following services;

  • Cancer screening and diagnosis
  • Robotic and laparoscopic surgical treatment
  • TrueBeam® IG-IMRT Radiotherapy
  • Medical treatment
  • Sexual health counseling
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Solidarity-support programs

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