The Right to be informed

In very exceptional circumstances, a professionally and carefully considered medical reason may exist temporarily to restrict some information to the patient. Except in such circumstances, Liv Hospital patients have the right to be given full and understandable written and verbal information on:

  • Their probable or confirmed diagnosis
  • The advantages, disadvantages and risks of recommended treatment or surgery
  • The risks of rejecting such treatment or surgery
  • Alternative methods of treatment or surgery
  • Their medical records (that must be kept by law)
  • All medicine and materials for which the patient is being charged
  • Results of laboratory examinations and tests
  • X-ray films
  • Prescription medicine, material and equipment that is purchased outside the hospital


The patient has the right to demand not to be informed about their diagnosis or treatment, or to demand that other people not be informed (family members etc.). This demand will be respected, except in cases where there is a legal requirement to inform.