Body Rejuvenation

Medical Operations

Cellulite Treatment with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy, which is used in the treatment of both regional weight loss and cellulite, is performed by microinjection method directly in the skin or subcutaneously in problematic areas. With the application of mesotherapy, the neck, abdomen and belly fat, waist and back region, thighs and knee region is applied in many areas of the body. It is very advantageous in terms of short duration and quick results. In addition, because the contents of the injected mixture are vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, skin improvement and rejuvenation are achieved.


Regional Slimming with Lipolysis

Injection lipolysis, which is applied in the treatment of regional lubrication and skin laxity, is mainly used to melt legs, arms, hips and basins. Lipolysis of the abdomen, buttocks, legs, legs, calf, ankle, arms, under the chin or other parts of the body settled, disrupts the contours of the body are destroyed and body remodeling is provided. It can destroy the oils accumulated under the skin and also increases the production of collagen in the skin, making the skin look more tense and younger.

Tight and Stretched Skin with BioCavitation

This method, which is effective not only on regional lubrication, but also on cellulite and skin laxity, reshapes the body structure by providing a reduction in environmental metric. After the first stage of ultrasound application with gel, electroporation is applied using anti-cellulite or firming gel. In the final stage, lymphatic drainage is performed to accelerate the removal of the free-body fats from the body.

Regional Slimming with Lymph Drainage

Edema is effective in cellulite, obesity and postnatal care. Conditions that form the vascular veins are prevented. Reduces edema after liposuction Increases skin elasticity. Prevents thrombosis in bed patients. It provides positive results when used with thinning devices.

Trilpollar Radiofrequency Environmental Thinning

It offers painless and short-term care. It gives a young appearance by allowing the skin to tighten instantly by heating the fibroplasts producing the elastic fibers of the skin. Accelerates metabolic activities and allows the release of stored fatty acids. In this way, the fat is reduced, environmental thinning and cellulite appearance is reduced.

Body Tightening with Icoone

After a treatment that meets the general requirements of the skin, positive results are obtained with Icoone acting on specific defects (sags, bagging, loose tissues such as the inner and outer limbs). Eliminates problems caused by bad looking cellulite. Anti-aging action regenerates skin and re-oxygenates. Stimulates tissue elasticity, tightens skin, improves quality. Reduces wrinkles and lines even in very sensitive skin region.

Slimming with Passive Gymnastics

As a result of life away from sports and exercise, our muscular structure becomes weaker. The device is an electro stimulation, ie a stimulating current device. Smoothes the skin, tightens muscles, stimulates metabolism and lymph circulation. It helps to remove collected tissue fluid and water from the body. Used in the treatment of cellulite.

Hand Rejuvenation

Hand aging is mainly caused by subcutaneous tissue loss, thinning of the skin, loss of elasticity and spotting. Because many problems are combined, the most appropriate approach to hand aging is the combination of different therapies. Intensive fillings or subcutaneous fat injections from the patient are used for subcutaneous volume loss. Mesotherapy, PRP, stem cell or skin resurfacing lasers are suitable for skin elasticity and thinning. Sun spots on the skin are removed by laser treatment.

Surgical Operations

Breast Aesthetics

Breasts may undergo changes due to age, genetic features, pregnancy, breastfeeding, changes in body weight, and menopause. Aesthetically disliked breasts can affect social life by creating personal insecurity.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction operations are performed in large breasts which are incompatible with the body structure and sagging. Large breasts are often associated with back pains, neck pains, subcutaneous rashes and wounds. In addition to an aesthetic intervention, it is aimed to increase the quality of life of the person.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgeries are performed in breasts that are normal in size but whose sagging is aesthetically disliked.

Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation surgeries are performed to enlarge small, undeveloped breasts. Implants made of silicone are placed under the breast tissue and the breast is enlarged.

Breast Reconstruction

After cancer, congenital anomaly, such as after the accident in cases of breast loss of the implant / breast tissue is made from its own body.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Removing the excess fat and skin in the abdominal wall and tightening the relaxed muscles to rejuvenate and shape the abdominal wall. Abdominal stretching surgery, loose fat, increased skewer appearance is removed; Thin the waist by providing a smooth and fine appearance.


Liposuction allows the removal of adipose tissues from certain parts of the body (basin, hip, waist, belly) by vacuuming using a cannula through a small hole. It is not slimming surgery; Shaped body with liposuction. In addition, the latest technology in liposuction VASER is also used.

Arm Lift

In the arm area, skin sagging usually starts from the armpits to the elbow. To solve this problem, all excess tissues are removed with an incision starting from the underarm edge to the elbow. Planning is done so that the trace of the cut is not visible.

Hand Aesthetics

It is one of the best known signs of aging of the veins, beams and tissues. This appearance can be corrected by injection of fillers containing hyaluronic acid. The preparation of a person's own fat as a lipoinjection gives a permanent solution.

Calf Aesthetics

To be nice and attractive calf length and thickness should be proportionate, should have curves and rounded lines. With silicone prostheses, calves may be given the desired form. Thickening of the calf can be achieved by giving fat tissue or ready-made fillers taken from the person's body.

Thigh Tension

Relaxation, skin fluctuations and irregularities in the legs are the most disturbing problems of women. Internal leg problems can cause aesthetic problems as well as friction while walking and disturb patients. Treatment methods for the inner legs, which are difficult to correct due to the very thin skin structure, are available.

Hip Aesthetics

Every woman wants to have beautiful and round hips. Surgery for hip and butt aesthetics are liposuction, vacuum removal, hip replacement and fat tissue injections.

Genital Region Aesthetics

The aesthetic and functional problems in the sexual organs cannot be easily shared with others, but they disrupt the psychological conditions of the people and negatively affect the relationships with the opposite sex. It is possible to correct these problems with surgical procedures.

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