Facial Rejuvenation with Stem Cells

Stem cells are primal cells that have not matured yet and that can differentiate into any cell type when they are properly stimulated. Stem cells are capable of self-renewal, unlimited division and proliferation. Isolation from and return to the individual of stem cells for therapeutic purposes is one of the greatest advances in medicine in the recent years. In the sophisticated stem cell laboratory at Liv Hospital Ulus, stem cells are produced from 250 cc of fat tissue from the patient himself/herself.

Skin Rejuvenation

Stem cells are used for rejuvenation and filling of the face and hand in cosmetic surgery. Rapid healing is achieved in areas where stem cells are injected, leading to regeneration and rejuvenation through effects such as increased vascularity, collagen and elastin fiber synthesis, and increased skin thickness.


When these procedures are performed, stem cells may be mixed with adipose tissue or injected as isolates as necessary. Today, many filling materials are in use. However, using stem cells is the most advanced method for filling and skin rejuvenation. Because cells that will provide both rejuvenation and healing are delivered to the desired area. Furthermore, a non-allergenic material without side effects is used because the material is obtained from the patient.

Also Used for Deformations

In addition to their use for cosmetic purposes; stem cells are used for treating wounds that don't heal (diabetic foot, venous ulcer, Buerger's disease), burn and burn scar treatment, and as filling in deformities.