Cancer Genetics

Why Do We Recommend Genetic Test in Cancer? 

Genetic tests carried out in cancer patients may ensure definitive diagnosis when there are unclear clinical findings. 

By detecting appropriate bio-indicators for cancer therapy, affective immunotherapy can be achieved in 20%-40% of the cancer cases. 

It is possible to detect cancers in the early stage with liquid biopsy by analyzing tumor DNA freely circulating within the blood. 

Routine cancer screening tests are recommended for individuals with cancer development risk. Thus, patients are detected in the early stage and appropriate treatment is provided. 

In What Situations Should I Receive the Test? 

•    In the event that the same type of cancer is present in more than one individual within the family 
•    In the event that a type of cancer usually seen in the older ages is present in a younger individual (for example; colon cancer in an individual at the age of 20) 
•    More than one type of cancer being present in one individual (for example; patients diagnosed with both breast and ovarian cancers) 
•    Presence of more than one childhood cancer in the siblings (like diagnosis of sarcoma in both siblings) 
•    Development in cancer in both organs (For example; in both kidneys or both breasts) 
•    Presence of a specific type of cancer in unusual individuals (for example; a male with breast cancer) 

Genetic Tests Determining the Treatment

•    Lung Cancer Except Small Cell (EGFR, EML4-ALK, KRAS, ROS1)
•    Colorectal Cancer Mutation Panel (KRAS, BRAF, NRAS) 
•    Breast Cancer (Her2/Neu FISH Analysis) 
•    Papillary Thyroid Cancer (BRAF) 
•    Melanoma (BRAF)

What Are Cancer Screening Panels? 

The same type of cancer or similar type or different types of cancer may be present in more than one individual in a family. More than one gene related to the disease can be examined at once for the diagnosis of the relevant cancer type with cancer screening test panels. 

•    Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening Panel 
•    Prostate Cancer Screening Panel 
•    Colorectal Cancer Screening Panel 
•    Endometrial Cancer Screening Panel 
•    Hereditary Cancers Comprehensive Screening