Skin Genetics

What can you find out with BeautyDNA Test?

•    Your personalized skin genetic profile 
•    You can proactively maintain your skin health with healthy living, improved nutrition and care. 
•    You can get an idea of which skin nutrients and topicals will benefit your skin.

Your skin's beauty secret is hiddenin your DNA

Many products claim to renew and protect a beautiful skin. However, not all of these products may be suitable for your skin. Your personalized genetics report may tell you which nutrients and topicals are affective for you without the need of expensive creams and therapies. 

Understand the genetic susceptibilities of your skin 

Environmental and biological factors play a key role in how your skin changes and develops over the time. By determining specific risk factors, you can take proactive steps for a beautiful skin. 

Aging of the skin 

Aging of the skin means the skin getting older as a result of an individual being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation all through their life. The best defense factor against aging of the skin is to correctly read genetic factors, understand individual risk factors, maintain correct diets and less exposition to UV. 


Known as the orange peel on the skin, cellulite imply the crinkly appearance of the skin caused by irregular fibrous tissue and collection of fat under upper skin layers (subcutaneous fat). 

Genetic susceptibility, hormonal changes, sex, ethnic origin, age and weight changes contribute to the development of cellulite. The genetic variants in ACE and HIF1A analyzed by BeautyDNA are related with cellulite development risks. 

In the war against collagen degradation, wrinkles, sun sensitivity and sun spots (lentigines) 

BeautyDNA Test Results 

The test may take several weeks to be completed. Your doctor or genetic consultant will report you the results.
- normal,
- decreasing,
- decreasing risk,
- normal risk,
- increasing risk,
- high risk.
Also, the table within the report explains what each of these mean and what the next steps may be.