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Management of Pulmonary Nodules

As Liv Hospital Family, we hosted a hybrid meeting on the Management of Pulmonary Nodules. Headed by Prof. Levent Dalar, MD and Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Meri Istiroti made the opening speech of the meeting, which was undertaken by Ali Yeğinsu. Prof. Ali Musani, MD from West Virginia University, Prof. Alper Toker, MD and University of Chicago Prof. Septimiu Murgu, MD participated and made their presentations. Prof. Çetin Atasoy, MD from Koç University and Liv Hospital doctors Prof. Emel Ceylan Gunay, MD, Prof. Adem Ucar, MD, Prof. Servet Kayhan, MD, Prof. Ali Yeğinsu, MD Prof. Merdan Benefit, MD and Assoc. Prof. Tuğba Coşgun, MD presentations and the meeting attracted great attention