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Our Quality of Service in Healtchcare is Once Again Registered with JCI Certificate!

Our quality of service in healtchcare is once again registered with JCI certificate. As Liv Hospital, we are entitled to receive the certificate issued by Joint Commission International (JCI), the most important healthcare accreditation organization in the world.

JCI Accreditation Quality Certificate symbolizes the highest level of performance in healthcare

Liv Hospital VadIstanbul was inspected by the commission members who came from the USA for JCI supervision for approximately one week. They evaluated our services in terms of patient care, ensuring the continuity of care after discharge, safety of anesthesia and surgical processes, safe drug use, infection control, commitment to the rights of patients and their relatives, international Quality improvement and compliance with patient safety targets, communication and information security, employee qualifications and training, building safety, management and leadership.

We successfully passed an all around strict inspection without a fail

We are inspected by many valued inspectors for many criteria like personnel management, building infrastructure and technical equipment, adequacy and calibration of health equipment, fire safety, preparations for emergency cases, keeping patient records and patient safety, informing and training patients and their relatives, drug usage and prescribing, protecting personal rights and privacy, prevention and recording of possible risks in advance, infection control and sterilization follow-up, personnel recruitment procedures and personnel training, the functioning of public order and security in the hospital, and the evacuation of the building in case of natural disasters. They presented their findings to the general management of JCI in the USA and we are entitled to get the certificate. Our board-approved certificate once again added value to our institution, which always keeps its goals high.

Who is JCI?

Found in 1951 as a non-profit organization, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations (JCAHO) has accredited more than 20 thousand health institutions in more than 57 years. The Joint Commission, working to increase the quality and safety in health at a high level, conducts inspections for health institutions all over the world. Joint Commission, is the oldest, largest, and most respected health accreditation institution in the world.

What is JCI Accreditation?

JCI Accreditation is a compliance document that is given to hospitals, which they apply for voluntarily, if they have fulfilled some international health and management standards and proven their high quality approach. The assessment process is conducted by board of auditors sent by JCI. Inspectors examine the institution's compliance with JCI accreditation standards and its purposeful work. While evaluating the  institution's compliance with the standards, they consider the following criteria;
  • Conducting oral interviews with staff and patients.
  • Examining patient care processes and the area that process conducted in.
  • Examining policies, procedures, and records.
  • Evaluating results as a process of accreditation.
  • Examining the measures taken for the safety of patients and their relatives and employees in the building and installation.
  • Examining the improvement efforts of quality care services by conducting field inspections and evaluating the results
  • Evaluating results as a process of accreditation