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Precautions for Our Guests Within the Scope of COVID-19 Corona

As Liv Hospital Ulus, we closely follow the current developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), which affects the whole world, and we take all necessary precautions in line with the guidance of the Ministry of Health. Also, as Liv Hospital Ulus, we would like to share some of the additional precautions we have taken with you;

• All of our guests are meticulously met by our teams at the hospital entrance points and through the triage process.

• Visitors whose fever is detected are not admitted to the hospital. Our meetings with our business partners are made outside the hospital or online.

• After obtaining the medical condition information, necessary information and guidance is provided.

• All our guests are checked for 14 days of travel history, cough and fever, and directed to the relevant outpatient clinic.

• Our guests with a fever; They are examined by their physicians and receive their treatment in the special department, which is reserved and prepared outside the hospital for febrile guests.

• Two Child Outpatient Clinics have been established for our child guests, our children who come for routine control and our children with fever are treated by their physicians in separate clinics.

• The physicians, who were distinguished according to their symptoms, were given the opportunity to visit the field of physicians in order to carry out examinations in designated areas within the hospital.

• Our guests treated in the field of oncology receive their treatment in separate clinics.

• All areas in our hospital are regularly disinfected 24/7 with special solutions every hour. All patient care and sanitation teams receive training regularly.

• Organizations such as room decoration, birth photographer, etc. were stopped.

• A visitor restriction policy is implemented.

• Stock control and follow-up has been performed in all of our necessary medical materials.

• Our disinfection application that is done at the end of the day in general areas, hospital entrance x-ray, counters, general wc's, door handles valet mock, elevator, counters, billboards, tables, waiting areas, etc. The places are disinfected every hour on a 24/7 basis.

• Common usage areas of the meeting rooms are disinfected after each meeting.

• Inpatient rooms are disinfected with special disinfectants in addition to the standard cleaning performed after each check out.

• In addition to hand disinfectants placed in valet moba; Steering wheels and door handles of the vehicles given to the valet are disinfected.

• 14 rules of images published by the Ministry of Health are shared to inform our guests in all areas of our hospital.

• Foreign patients are admitted according to the 14-day rule.

At the same time, all our preparations have been completed to support our guests, who are in demand during this special period, with our Online Interview (in all our branches) and Home Care services so that the treatment processes are not interrupted.
Our Home Care Services
Dressing, Interventional Nursing Services (Blood collection, injection, serum insertion ...), Wound Care, Baby Care, Medical Device Rental and Sales, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at Home, Radiological Imaging at Home (Lung Graph, ECG, Holter, EEG and Sleep Tests) There is one-to-one nurse service at home, an attendant at home service, an examination at appropriate branches at home.
We wish you a healthy day,
Liv Hospital Ulus