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Prolonged All-Around COVID Syndrome


Liv Hospital Vadistanbul hosted the scientific event “Prolonged COVID Syndrome in All Aspects”. The session chair of the event was Liv Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Levent Dalar and Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. It was undertaken by Gülgün Dilek Arman. prof. Dr. In the event, which started with Gülgün Dilek Arman's presentation on "COVID-19 Pathophysiology", specialists in their fields evaluated the Prolonged Covid Syndrome from all aspects. prof. Dr. Servet Kayhan, “What is Prolonged COVID, Who Can See It?”, Prof. Dr. Simru Tuğrul “COVID-19 Patient in Intensive Care and on Leaving”, Gaziosmanpaşa Training and Research Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Aynur Metin Terzibaşıoğlu “Rehabilitation in Prolonged Covid”, Prof. Dr. Ayşe Aralenen "Lung Radiology in Recovery and Late Period", Prof. Dr. Gökhan Kahveci "Cardiac Effects", Prof. Dr. Ayhan Öztürk "Neurological Effects", Prof. Dr. Erdem Koçak “Gastroenterological Effects”, Prof. Dr. Tevfik Ecder "Nephrological Effects", Yedikule Chest and Diseases and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Sinem Nedime Sökücü made their "Prolonged Covid Treatment" presentations.