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The Future of Health is Now in Baku

Liv Hospital, which is one of Turkey's reference hospitals in the field of international health, with its scientific studies, quality accreditations, up-to-date diagnosis-treatment technologies and expert physician staff; It has signed a cooperation with Bona Dea International Hospital, one of the important health institutions of Azerbaijan. Liv Bona Dea Hospital is Liv Hospital's first hospital investment abroad.

The agreement union was signed at a meeting held in Baku. The Chairman of the Board of Liv Hospital, which serves many local and foreign patients every year, Dr. Muharrem Usta and Bona Dea International Hospital Chief Physician Dr. Jabir Gulbaliyev attended. 

At the meeting, it was emphasized that the most important goal of this cooperation is to position Azerbaijan as a health base in the region together with Turkey, thanks to the experience of both institutions. 

The aim; Positioning Azerbaijan as a health base 

At the meeting, it was pointed out that the two brotherly countries will come to the fore even more in the field of international health with the cooperation of the two health institutions that have proven themselves with case experience and successfully, and the representatives of the institutions made statements. 

Muharrem Usta, Chairman of Liv Hospital , stated that Azerbaijan has made important progress in the field of health with both state and private sector hospitals, and talked about Turkey's successes in the field of health around the world. Usta drew attention to the cooperation between the health system in Turkey and the health system in Azerbaijan in order to move forward with common power was said that "Our aim is to make the great effort in Bone Dea a world brand together with physicians, managers and employees. We will show how well Azerbaijan can do in the field of health and how important it can be," .   

Bona Dea International Hospital, which has been serving since 2018, stands out as one of the most important health institutions of the country. The hospital, which will begin to serve under the name of Liv Bona Dea Hospital, will provide health services at international standards to people from many countries in the region, especially Azerbaijanis, as 7 branches of Liv Hospital.