Cervical Cancer

Microscopic cervical cancer treatment is only possible with removal of the cervix. In young women who want to have a child less than 4 cm, not spread around, vaginal or open to the abdomen or endoscopic (laparoscopic or robotic) methods can be operated by protecting the body of the uterus.

It is possible to perform surgery with high success levels in cervical cancer which is not spread to the sides. These operations are very radical operations and they can be open or endoscopic. In addition, abdominal nerves can be protected from early urinary complaints.

Once a year Smear Test

The success rate of gynecologic cancers is quite high if intervened early. Thus, people become treated without losing their chances of becoming a mother. Gynecological cancers; All female reproductive organs, including the uterus, cervix, ovary, vulva and vagina. Anatomically, the body is located in the most remote corner of the body, except for cervical cancer, it is not very easy to detect cancers in the early stages of cancer. In the human body, screening tests are carried out against certain cancers. In this context, cervical cancer is the most common type of gynecological cancer is the early diagnosis. An annual pap smear test against cervical cancer gives very enlightening results.

Very Important to Visit Routine Control

After becoming sexually active, women should have a routine gynecological examination once a year. It is also useful to have pap smear tests. In the case of regular control and testing, the recognition of the cancer prior to the advanced stages and accordingly the planning of the treatment, prolonging the survival of the patient is paralleled. For this reason, it is of great importance to diagnose cancer before it spreads to distant tissues while it is limited in the organ.

Gynecological cancers are the fourth most common cancer in women. Every year 70 thousand women are diagnosed with cancer. About one third of this rate results in death.

Treatment Changes by Cancer Type

Although treatment varies according to each type of cancer, surgery is one of the preferred treatment methods. In early diagnosis, surgical intervention can be an adequate treatment alone. The cervical cancers can be taken in a simple operation in the initial stage of cervical cancer. In addition, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are among the alternative therapies if the disease has spread. In some advanced cervical cancers, radiotherapy prevents surgery. In short, treatment is determined by the condition of the patient and the disease.

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