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Get a Different Vision with Seamless Corneal Transplantation

21 March 2018

Cornea transparent layer at the outer part of the eye, it is located at the front of the eye and it is the most important lens. Main purpose of the cornea is to transfer light and image to the lens then to the retina. Corneal transplantation is performed in diseased conditions that cause deformation, while darkening and staining that prevent this lens from performing its task. Corneal transplantation is the replacement of corneal tissue. This texture is not only transparent because it is a lens feature at the same time, but its optical properties are very important in the eyes. Corneal transplantation is necessary when it is negatively influenced by the reasons such as swallowing (blurring), deformation, various diseases and ending stains. 

Patient's Healthy Corneal Tissue Is Protected

During corneal transplantation, all layers of the cornea or only one layer are replaced. In recent years, not all layers of the cornea; "lamellar corneal transplantation" or "lamellar keratoplasty" techniques are used more frequently, which means that only the damaged layer changes. Because if the patient's own texture is not damaged, protecting the tissue is considered the main goal. In recent years, the use of lasers has also increased. Not so common yet, surgery can be done using laser in appropriate cases. The duration of the surgery lasts from one to one and a half hours, depending on the technique used. 

Sutureless (seamless) Lamellar Cornea Transplantation

When the seamless anterior lamellar cornea is planned to be implanted, the depth and diameter of the corneal damage is calculated with precision devices. The damaged tissue is cut to the desired diameter and depth using a femto laser. The donor tissue is also cut at the desired diameter and depth using the artificial anterior chamber and placed where the damaged cornea is. The operation can be completed with drop anesthesia without the need for suture or tissue adhesive. The lack of stitching reduces the amount of astigmatism, which is the most common complication after corneal transplantation (in some cases, no astigmatism occurs) and reduces reactions during rehabilitation. 

What is the Difference of Seamless Cornea Transplantation?
The application of sutureless corneal transplantation, which we performed at Liv Hospital Eye Clinic, in the laser medium with drops, changes the dimensions of the operation with low (or no) astigmatism values. The transplanted touch can also be changed as needed - just as in the first operation - the entire floor can be much easier to transplant and suture than the transplant. The drugs used are also much shorter than klask or suture anterior lamellar operations.

What should the patient take care of after surgery?

In the first few days, it is necessary to see that the transplanted cornea adheres well to the main cornea. It is suggested that eyes should not be rubbed for 1 month. 

Where does the cornea tissue for transplantation come from?

The cornea is supplied from the cornea banks. This is a necessity both from a legal point of view and from a health point of view; because it is possible to transport various diseases and risks when transporting tissue. Corneals used in our clinic are supplied from legal and certified corneal specimens according to current regulations and guidelines.


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