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Physical checkups in Istanbul

Physical checkups in Istanbul

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  • Why do you need physical checkups in Turkey?
  • How to prepare for a checkup in Istanbul?
  • What are the physical checkups differences between male and female?
  • What to expect from a regular physical checkup in Turkey?
  • What are some regular physical checkup tests in Turkey?
  • Liv Hospital: Check up on everyone you care about today!
  • A medical checkup can assist in identifying health problems in the beginning stages or even before they begin showing symptoms. Diabetes is a primary example where a prediabetic condition can be identified, monitored, and taken care of so that there's a reversal of diabetes. Early diagnosis increases the chances for better treatment results and helps you live a longer & healthier life.

    The standard complete body health checkup in Turkey should cover different health points within your body, like the quality of blood, organ functionality, cholesterol, and lipid levels that show how your body is processing fats, among other tests. There are particular tests that people above 40 should regularly take even if they don't have an inherited risk or a genetic factor of specific ailments like cancer or diabetes; eye examination, cardiological examinations, and additional examinations for cancer scanning.
    Those with a genetic predisposition and inherited risks of cancers and particular ailments like Huntington's should not wait until their 40s to have these tests. People with a family history of genetic diseases need to have additional tests earlier, like in their 30s. Your doctor in Turkey can guide you about the most accurate tests you can get.

    Why do you need physical checkups in Turkey?

    Turkey offers premium medical care at affordable prices, one of the countries that provide free medical care for their residents. The medical sector in Turkey is one of the most advanced in the world due to a systemic investment in boosting healthcare, translating into the health tourism boom that we see today.
    A physical checkup can take up a lot of money when you do it in a country like the USA or several countries in Europe. A health checkup is needed to help you understand the difference between not being unhealthy and being a healthy you. It gives your doctors a view into your physical health and how to treat the diagnosed ailments.
    Want to know more about how a physical checkup in Istanbul can help you? You can reach out to us.

    How to prepare for a checkup in Istanbul?

    Your doctors in Istanbul are here to help you diagnose and beat your medical ailment. Let's understand how you can qualify for a medical check and the precautions you must take before you head to a health check.

    • Avoid eating anything for at least 8 hours before your medical test. This is because food can affect the results of some tests, such as blood glucose and cholesterol levels.
    • Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and red meat before your appointment, as they can affect the results of specific tests.
    • Avoid taking medication that includes iron and vitamin C before your checkup. These can alter the results and interfere with your examination.
    • Avoid foods such as red meat, licorice, beetroot, spinach, chard, radish, and broccoli before your checkup, as they can interfere with the results of some tests.
    • Bring any previous test or examination results to your appointment, as they can help your doctor assess your health and provide you with the best possible care.

    Connect with us to learn how a checkup in Turkey can benefit your physical and mental health.

    What are the physical checkups differences between male and female?

    Depending on what tests your doctor in Turkey suggests, you can plan your schedule around the same. The tests vary for different people; we uncover the tests specific to the sexes in this section. The following tests are recommended for a male physical examination:

    • Testicular Exam is a screening measure for testicular cancer where the doctor checks for lumps or tenderness in each testicle.

    • Hernia Exam is an in-depth examination of the groin and testicles to check for signs of a hernia.

    • A Prostate exam is recommended for men over 50; the doctor analyzes the prostate for its size and any suspicious areas.

    The following tests are specific and recommended for women over 20:

    • A breast examination detects abnormal lumps and checks the lymph nodes under the arms.

    • A pelvic exam can help the doctor examine the female reproductive system for abnormalities or troublesome infections.

    To know more about which test you should get, you can reach out to our team in Istanbul here.

    What to expect from a regular physical checkup in Turkey?

    If you plan to get a routine physical checkup in Istanbul, here's what you can expect:

    • Pre-Checkup Requirements: Before your checkup, you may be asked to fast for 8-12 hours and avoid any medications or supplements that could interfere with the test results.
    • Medical History Review: You will be asked about your medical history, current health status, and any symptoms you may be experiencing.
    • Physical Examination: A thorough physical exam will be performed, which may include measurements of your blood pressure, heart rate, and body weight. The doctor will also check your ears, nose, and throat, as well as your heart, lungs, and abdomen.
    • Laboratory Tests: Blood and urine samples may be taken to test for various health markers, such as blood sugar, cholesterol, and kidney function.
    • Imaging Tests: Depending on your age and medical history, your doctor in Istanbul may prescribe imaging tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, or MRI may be ordered to help diagnose any potential health issues.
    • Specialist Consultations: You may be referred to a specialist for further evaluation or treatment based on your test results and medical history.

    If you want to know more about the tests and how you can benefit from them, you can contact us.

    What are some regular physical checkup tests in Turkey?

    If you're wondering what tests are typically included in a routine physical checkup in Turkey, here are some common ones:

    • Blood pressure measurement measures the force of blood against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps.
    • A complete blood count (CBC) test measures the quality of blood along with ratios of blood cells, like RBC, WBC, and platelets. It's usually prescribed along with blood sugar screening.
    • A lipid profile test visualizes cholesterol and triglyceride levels in your blood, which are important markers of heart health.
    • Kidney and Liver function test (KFT/LFT) measures the levels of various markers in your blood and urine that indicate how well your kidneys and liver are functioning.
    • Electrocardiogram (ECG) test shows the electrical activity inside your heart that keeps it running; it helps your doctor in Turkey understand abnormal rhythms and other heart-related issues.
    • Chest X-ray test helps detect any abnormalities in your chest; it detects lung infections, tumors, or fluid buildup.

    It's important to note that the exact tests included in a physical checkup may vary depending on the individual's age, sex, medical history, and risk factors for certain diseases. Your doctor in Istanbul can prescribe the tests that give them the best insight into your health.

    Liv Hospital: Check up on everyone you care about today!

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