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Liv Hospital Ulus provides all kind of medical support services for individuals and corporations overseas. All of our patients are VIP patients for us. We care that they receive the best service for their specific disease diagnosis and treatment by a subspecialized medical team with excessive of experience. We consult to various physicians to ensure multidisciplinary approach and make sure the patient receives the best medical plan.
We provide specialized programs for academic institutions and executive corporations based on their specific needs. Liv Hospital Ulus has aggreements with a continiously developing wide network of private insurance companies.

International Coordinators

International Guest Center at Liv Hospital Ulus provides a complete range of services for International patients visiting the hospital.

Our staff consists of interpeters, international patients' coordinators and physicians dedicated solely to the follow up of international patients. International Guest Center team plans and coordinates all aspects of international patients' visit from managing medical consultations to ensuring the comfort of our patients and their families during their stay.

Our standard services are available for all of our patients and organized according to the patient's needs.

Standard Services:
  • Medical Second opinion with estimated treatment cost 
  • Medical appointment scheduling 
  • Translation services for following languages:

  • Translation of your medical records to English 
  • Transfer to and from airport (Istanbul, Sabiha)
  • Transfers from and to the Hotels that were booked by Liv Hospital International team 
  • Visa Services support and consulate communication 
  • Organization of Air Ambulance evacuation: We have agreements with wide network of insurance companies 
  • Pickup services within the plane with a wheelchair and ambulance transfer 
  • Organization of the city tours and leisure  activities 
  • Financial arrangement with all international insurances and direct billing to international insurances that we are in agreement with. Please, see section "Insurance We Accept."
  • Special Dietary services 

Premium services:

International Guest services team provides personalized services upon request of the patience or their families. Our staff ia able to ensure that your needs are fulfilled even beyond your expectations. When requested the fees will be shared for the below mentioned premium services*.

  • VIP pickup from the aircraft 
  • Individual VIP transfer for patient and family
  • 24 Hours translation and accompany services 
  • Wellness services upon request
  • Premium Hospital Room 
  • Special Nursing Services
  • Specialized nutrition services (Kosher,Vegan)

Corporate Medical Services: 

Liv Hospital Istanbul provides high quality medical services and medical organization, health and HR department of the private corporation. Corporate medical services may be provided to the self-employed patients if requested.

  • Medical Second Opinion services
  • Telemedicine services
  • Special cases to be discussed in medical boards: Tumour Counsel, Neurological Sciences Board, Cardiac board, High Risky Pregnancy Board, Pediatric Board
  • Executive wellness programs 
  • Digital Radiology and PET-CT second opinion (Evaluation and reporting of images by a physician) 
  • Pathology second opinion services
  • Upon request live seminars though Facebook or Skype upon desired subject

Academic Affiliations:

Liv Hospital provides specialized academic and training programs for physicians, nurses, students of medical and nursing schools or for managing personal of medical organizations.

Content and length of the programs are designed solely according to the expectations and needs of the applicants. For more information about academic programs, trainings and fellowship in Liv Hospital Ulus please contact at:


Communication and Request:

All questions regarding the medical second opinion services and all the arrangements can be forwarded to info@livhospital.com.tr Digital appointments with Liv Hospital physicians are organized for online consultation.
For assistance please contact info@livhospital.com.tr or https://www.livhospital.com

Also you can contact our International Guest Center;

For English: +90 530 174 33 92 (via Whatsapp)
For French: +90 530 173 06 11 (via Whatsapp)
For Arabic: +90 530 174 34 23 (via Whatsapp)
For Russian: +90 530 174 21 44 (via Whatsapp)
For Spanish: +90 530 173 06 36 (via Whatsapp)
For Georgian: +90 537 852 37 03 (via Whatsapp)
For Bulgarian: +90 536 994 65 29  (via Whatsapp)
For Albanian: +90 507 488 52 65 (via Whatsapp)
For Romanian: +90 534 489 36 49 (via Whatsapp)
For Azerbaijani: +90 530 173 06 35 (via Whatsapp)

Insurance We Accept

  • Aetna International
  • Aid Assistance
  • Allianz Worldwide Partners
  • Akakus Oil
  • Allianz Worldwide Care
  • April International
  • Axa PPP
  • Bupa
  • Cigna
  • Egycross
  • Euro center
  • Eurocross
  • Europ Assistance
  • Falck Assistance
  • Global Benefits Group
  • Imedi-L
  • Healix
  • Healthwatch
  • Henner
  • HTH - Geoblue
  • International SOS
  • IPA
  • Mapfre Assistencia Spain
  • Marm Assistance
  • Medilink
  • Metlife Expatriate Benefits
  • Metlife Worldwide
  • Metlife Gulf
  • MLPH International
  • MSH International
  • Orion Assistance
  • Prestige International
  • Sicred Insurance
  • Servislink
  • Med Proper
  • Remed Assistance
  • Romoy Assistance
  • Tur Assist
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