Future of Healthcare is Now in Budapest!
Liv Hospital started it's services with Duna Medical Center in the the Capital of Hungary, Budapest.
Liv Hospital, via its second hospital abroad Liv Duna Medical Center (DMC), set out to provide it's internationally registered healthcare services to the people of Hungary, as well as to guests from Europe, the Balkans and other nearby regions.
Our Trusthworthy Health Service is Registered by JCI!
We achieved to get JCI certificate, the most important accreditation document in healthcare.
Liv Hospital VadIstanbul has won the JCI, the most important international quality accreditation document in health, without fail. The JCI Accreditation Quality Certificate, awarded after serious inspections by an international commission, symbolizes the highest level of performance in healthcare standards.
Technology that brings the Liv Hospital to you with a click
The New Innovation Of The Health Sector is At Liv Hospital For The First Time
The digital platform with pioneering technology in the field of telehealth was put into service for the first time at Liv Hospital. Healthverse PanoramicWEB, one of Turkey's most important entrepreneurial projects, brings international patient counselors, doctors and patients together online and offers visitors a 360-degree tour of all the hospital's facilities through a single link.
The Future of Healthcare is Now in Baku
Liv Hospital Collaborated with Bona Dea International Hospital!
Continuing its journey that started in 2013 with 6 hospitals in Turkey, Liv Hospital started to serve in Azerbaijan after Turkey. The hospital, which will start to serve under the name of Liv Bona Dea Hospital, will provide health services at international standards to people from many countries in the region, especially Azerbaijanis, as the 7th branch of Liv Hospital.
Non-Surgical Treatment of Prostate Cancer
HIFU is an up-to-date treatment modality applied as local treatment in primary prostate cancer, salvage treatment after radiotherapy and surgical failure, and as a supportive treatment in locally advanced prostate cancer. “Radical HIFU” when integrated with TUR is applied as focal HIFU when non-invasive apart from TUR. Considering the entire treatment process of prostate cancer, which is a variable and long-term disease, HIFU is a versatile treatment technique. HIFU cannot be compared with any classical treatment method, but its indications may overlap with all other treatments throughout the course of the disease and may create alternatives. In addition, it can be applied to patients of all ages and health conditions, due to the fact that the procedure can be performed in a single session and the side effects are low during and after the procedure, and because of its non-invasiveness.
Golden Age in Radiotherapy
1,5 Tesla MR-Linac
With MR-Linac Unity technology, your doctor can "see" the tumor tissue more clearly and adjust the radiation dose during treatment according to the daily changes of your organs. While the required dose is applied to the existing tumor, it ensures that the treatment is more effective than ever, as it can safely deliver radiation without damaging the surrounding tissues. This treatment, which protects normal tissues better, reduces the number of sessions and creates a comfort zone for the patient.
Technological Age in Prostate Cancer!
The nanoknife is an electric current process. It is successfully used in low-risk and intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients. During the procedure, only the cancerous areas of the prostate are treated by applying electricity. Without removing the entire prostate gland, only cancerous cells are destroyed. Robotic or open surgery comes into play in advanced home prostate cancer.
Boston Children's Hospital
in Liv Hospital Ulus with Second Opinion Service!
Liv Hospital Ulus is starting a new project for our children who are the architects of future generations, based on the value it attaches to public health. According to News & World Report reports, second opinion service is starting from Boston Children's Hospital, which has been shown as the best hospital in the USA in the ranking of children's hospitals for years. For rare diseases and cases that are genetically challenging to diagnose and treat, online consultation is planned with experts in Boston Children’s Hospital.
We Became Brachytherapy Educational Center!
Very First in Turkey!
Live Hospital Ulus, was elected Turkey's first and only Brachytherapy Educational Center by the non-profit organization in the international arena BrachyAcademy! Brachytherapy is used especially in the treatment of skin, prostate and gynecological cancers. As Liv Hospital Ulus, we continue to shape the future of healthcare!
Medical Second Opinion
New Era in Future of Healthcare
You can reach our specialist 24/7 in any language and completely free. As the visionary of the healthcare, we believe in health, not illness. Just in a minute, you can send your reports and issues to our doctors who are the real experts in their areas. Being healthy is just one click away. Future of healthcare is at your service, 24/7.
Robot Period in Total Knee and Total Hip Prosthesis
MAKOplasty is a surgical robot system that is developed for joint prosthesis surgeries. It consists of a robotic arm that operates connected to a computer. MAKOplasty technology is designed for the surgeons to help provide a personalized surgical experience to their patients by relying on their own personal diagnosis and anatomies. 
Total knee and hip surgery by MAKOplasty can be done in Liv Hospital Ulus first time in Turkey!
Regenerative Medicine and Stemcell Center
Treasure in Your Genes
Developments in medicine and life sciences move forward at an unprecedented pace in parallel with technological developments In basis of this progression, purpose of better preserving human health and treating diseases better and permanently plays a part. Accordingly, promising developments are observed in stem cell implementation, for several health conditions which cannot be treated with traditional methods.
We have been selected as AOSpine Training Center!
As Liv Hospital Ulus Spine Unit, we went through a meticulous study.
AOSpine Europe in Switzerland, which conducts studies on the advanced training of spine surgery and specialists in the world, makes studies for the training of spine surgeons in different countries. Some centers with competencies in spine surgery select the spine surgery training center. AOSpine, which is a widely accepted association all over the world, conducts its elections in a neutral and meticulous manner. In the selection of the center, the number of cases, case diversity, multidisciplinary approach possibilities and scientific publications of the center are taken into consideration.
Personalized Medicine with Councils
Liv Hospital decides on the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases in councils consisting of experienced and specialist physicians from different disciplines. The most appropriate treatment protocols are determined according to the decision of the council, which is attended by many doctors who are experts in the field, by considering up-to-date approaches.

- Oncology Board
- Heart Health Board
- Breast Board
- Pediatric Oncology Board
- Pituitary Board
- Thyroid Board
- Diabetic Foot Board
- Nutrition and Nutritional Disorders Board
- Neurological Board
- Thoracic Oncology Board
- Cardiac Board
- Perinatology Board
- Vertigo Board