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Childhood Obesity

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Obesity has become a global crisis, especially childhood obesity. An alarming concern among several nations, it is due to changing lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. With the influence of technological advancements, children of this generation do not engage in much physical activity, which leads to unhealthy weight gain in children.
Turkey is one of the countries that witness the growing concern of childhood obesity, which requires the attention of society and public health professionals. The Health Ministry in Turkey has found that around 6.5% of children aged between 6 and 10 have been affected by obesity. There are exceptional quality healthcare services available in Istanbul to treat childhood obesity, making it the best place for health tourists to visit to recover their child's health in Turkey

while enjoying the country's beauty. You can find all you need to know about childhood obesity, its causes, and treatments in Turkey below.

What Is Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity is a medical ailment that is found in kids up to the adolescence stage. The increased level of fat in the body makes children overweight or obese. It may result in other health problems, making it a threat to children. It may also put children into psychological concerns like depression and low self-respect. Childhood obesity may be mainly due to an unhealthy diet like processed food and lifestyle changes.

Types Of Childhood Obesity

There are three types of childhood obesity that are found in children in Istanbul. They are

  • Class one obesity: where the body mass index is between 95 to 120 percent.

  • Class two obesity: when the BMI ranges between 120 to 140 percent.

  • Class three obesity: when BMI percent that is greater than 140 percent.

What Are The Symptoms Of Childhood Obesity?

Carrying extra weight does not necessarily mean a child is overweight, as some children have huge body frames. The variation in the stages of development results in different amounts of body weight. Therefore, it may be challenging to determine if weight is a health concern by simply looking at a child's appearance.
Symptoms of childhood obesity

  • Increased body fat

  • BMI above the 95th percentile for children of the same age and gender

  • Breathlessness

  • Excessive sweating

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Joint pain or stiffness

  • Low self-esteem

  • Social isolation

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Poor performance in school or other activities

  • Early onset of puberty

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol and triglycerides

  • Insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes

To assess whether a child's weight could pose health problems, you can measure your child's BMI and compare it with the healthy BMI rate, which considers weight in relation to height. Your child's doctor can use growth charts, BMI, and other necessary tests to help evaluate their weight.

Causes Of Childhood Obesity In Turkey

Various factors cause obesity in children. A few major causes of childhood obesity in Istanbul to look out for are given below.


If obesity runs in the family, it is highly likely that the child might also become obese. It depends on the eating habits followed in the family and if a child grows up in a situation where the child needs to be more engaged in many physical activities.

Psychological Factors

Stress has been identified as a plausible contributor to the heightened susceptibility of children to develop obesity. Some children cannot handle difficult situations, problems, or emotions, which can increase their stress levels, leading to obesity. Consequently, to cope with the distress, affected children may resort to excessive eating, thereby compounding the issue.

Intake Of Certain Medications

You should be careful about what medicines you give your children. Sometimes, the intake of certain drugs like prednisone, paroxetine, and propranolol has the risk of causing obesity in children.

Lack Of Exercise

Children who do not engage in physical activities like playing outside or who do not exercise can risk becoming obese as they will not burn any calories. The decreased physical activity or exercise is because they spend most of their time indoors watching TV or playing video games.

Poor Diet

Children are more attracted to the processed, baked, and junk foods featured in the advertisements. They often eat high-calorie foods, unaware of the health hazards that accompany them. Excess sweets, soft drinks, and fruit juices with sugar can also be the reason for causing obesity in children.

Physiological Effects Of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity may cause other physical problems in children that become severe when they become an adult. Obesity can cause other health problems in children like the ones listed down.

Difficulties In Breathing

Obesity can cause breathing problems in children. Obese children may also suffer from Asthma. It may affect their everyday life activities, making it difficult for them to walk a long distance or speak for a long time.

Type 2 Diabetes

It is a critical health issue that impacts how the body processes sugar. Children with obesity risk getting affected by type 2 diabetes.


Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is a health hazard where body fat accumulates in the liver causing liver damage. Obese children have a high chance of being affected by this disorder.

Increase In Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

Your child’s unhealthy eating habits may increase cholesterol and blood pressure. It blocks the arteries, leading to heart attacks or strokes in the later part of their life.
Get in touch with our doctors to know more about what causes obesity in children and other health ailments that are associated with it.

How To Diagnose Childhood Obesity In Turkey?

Doctors can diagnose childhood obesity in Istanbul by two methods. They use BMI analysis and certain blood tests to diagnose obesity in children.

BMI Analysis

The doctor measures the child’s BMI and aligns it with the healthy BMI percentage and the age growth chart to determine whether your child is obese or healthy. After the BMI analysis, the doctor further studies your child’s family history of obesity, eating habits, and lifestyle to proceed with treatment.

Blood Tests

Doctors can perform childhood obesity with a few blood tests that can help them diagnose obesity in your child. They perform a cholesterol test, blood sugar test, and other tests to check for hormonal imbalances related to obesity.
Approach us to gain more information about the various methods of diagnosis and to diagnose childhood obesity in Turkey.

How To Treat Childhood Obesity In Istanbul?

When treating childhood obesity in Istanbul, the approach depends on the child's age and whether they have any coexisting medical conditions. Typically, childhood obesity treatment methods in Turkey involve modifying the child's dietary habits and increasing their level of physical activity. In some cases, medication or weight-loss surgery may be necessary as part of the treatment plan.

Healthy Diet Plan

It would help if you made it a priority for your children to intake a lot of vegetables and fruits. Cut down on soft drinks and fruit juices with high sweet content, which only provides limited nutritional value. Avoiding fast food entirely to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight is also essential.

Increase Physical Activity

It is critical for children to be involved in physical activities to burn more calories and improve their strength and stamina. Children can play games that involve physical activities for at least two hours outside. Encouraging them to Walk and go cycling may also help children burn extra fat. It is also advisable to minimize their screen time, which inhibits their physical activities.


Not all children need to take medicines. It solely depends on the child’s health and the severity of obesity. Some children and adolescents may require medications to reduce weight as part of the weight-loss plan.

Surgery For Weight Loss

There are a few surgeries to lose weight. It is not required for children, but some adolescents may need surgeries if they suffer from severe obesity. Surgeries may have certain complications and risks.
Please consult with our doctors to gather insights on childhood obesity surgery in Turkey.

Get The Best Treatment For Childhood Obesity In Turkey

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If you're suspecting that your child's weight gain is unhealthy, consult with our doctors. They will aid in determining whether your child's weight falls within an unhealthy range and help you treat your child’s condition with high-standard treatment at a reasonable price.

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